Jewelry by Moxie Story

Why Moxie?

Jewelry by Moxie manufactures revolutionary, high quality designs at affordable prices. Moxie, meaning courage and spunk, is the theme of the entire line. With the ability to personalize each piece of jewelry, Jewelry by Moxie encourages individuals to be, well, individual.


Combining style and utility, Jewelry by Moxie is interchangealbe, dynamic and versatile.


Thinking beyond the bead.


Chamilia, Pandora, Trollbeads and countless other fashion bead brands have made passionate followers out of women of all ages. Was there a way to make the beads more versatile and sell more jewelry at a higher price to those bead customers?


Tina Yelton, owner and designer of Jewelry by Moxie, was convinced there was a way. At eight months pregnant with her second child, Tina went to sleep and awoke at 2:00 a.m. with an idea. Regardless of the late hour she immediately awoke her husband and insisted they start sketching. Thinking she was crazy, he agreed. By the end of the week the first interchangeable bead ring prototype was developed. Jewelry by Moxie was born.


Jewelry by Moxie capitalizs on passionate bead followers by:

  • Extending the life and value of beads. It adds value to each bead purchase.
  • Allowing enthusiasts to buy fashion jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and earrings. Once bead lovers are purchasing these products, it's easier to flip them from bead-only customers to fashion jewelry customers.
  • Offering a competitive advantage over other jewelers who sell beads. You can help your customers "Make the Most of Their Beads."