Jewelry by Moxie Add Jewelry by Moxie to Your Store

Add Jewelry by Moxie To Your Store


Beads are all the rage, and if you sell beads, you are always looking for another way to reach your bead-loving customer — and wrestle their dollars from your competitor.

Jewelry by Moxie is your answer. Loyal bead customers can purchase Jewelry by Moxie to extend the life (and love) of their beads. Customers who have yet to join the bead craze have one more great reason to join.

  • Add a competitive advantage to seize bead dollars.
  • Increase the versatility of beads you sell.
  • Advertise incentives not offered by Chamilia, Pandora, Trollbeads— or your competition.
  • Introduce your customers to a new product they love.


Versatile. Fun. Affordable. Easy to use. Fits all bead brands. Jewelry by Moxie hits the key needs of your bead-buying customer.

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